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Window Renovation

Window renovation made easy with

House windows need to match the architecture of your home and make the occupants more comfortable especially during hot summer months. The window should also have the capacity to shelter the room from excessive sunlight, gusty winds and strong rains. It should also help reduce your electric bills. Whole window replacement and installation can be relatively expensive. A more reasonable alternative could be a fitting window renovation, we can match with your budget and requirments without compromising on giving your abode a pristine look. This could be one of the most rational investments you can do as a practical homeowner in Singapore.


Useful Pointers in Window Renovation

It is important to contact a company with an impressive portfolio before buying any materials. Partial restoration is possible if the frame is still in good condition. Repair can be made if the window fails to keep the heat or cold in or out of the house. Replacing the seals of glass windows instead of buying a new product can save you a certain amount of money.


What are the types of windows that you may consider for replacement?

The double-hung model can be opened effortlessly from the topmost or bottom portion. Open the casement using an ordinary handle. Double-pane varieties are made of two cuts of glass with static air in between that serves as insulation. Vertical or parallel dividers provide windows with a conventional look. The dividers also make cleaning a lot easier. You can also order standard sizes or customized windows with special finishes, made-to-order glass and triple panes for extreme weather conditions. You can economize with this type of glass especially if the rooms are exposed to direct sunlight.


The complete replacement of windows can turn out to be costly so renovation is your second best option. Do not hesitate to call if you need help in window refurbishment.

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