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Yi Culture

Type: Geomancy        

Services Provided
• Residential Feng Shui
• Office Feng Shui
• Commercial Feng Shui
• Industrial Feng Shui
• Burial Feng Shui
• Dates Selection
• Daoism Practices
• Life Analysis
• Niche Selection
• Name Selection
• Divination
• Sheng Ji
• Speaker Engagement
• Seminar & Talk
• Biz Consultant & Strategist

Business Description
YI - Yi implied Yin and Yang and reflects cosmic nature of the universe. It is the law of nature and guiding principle of mankind in all action, speech and conducts in moderate and benevolence way.
CULTURE - With the uprising of globalization and diminishing of our racial cultural values, Yi Culture determines to cultivate and uphold the tradition and values of our ancient wisdom to the young and our next generations and so to achieve the continuity and legacy of our bloodlines.

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101, Upper Cross Street #B1-29 People’s Park Centre S (058357)
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