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Vegas Interior Design

Type: Interior Design Consultant        

Services Provided
-Full interior design and space planning for residential and commercial projects
-3D perspectives and drawings

Business Description

Vegas began it's interior design journey in 1996, more than to 18 years of interior design experiences.

We have humbly begun from just a couple of interior designers in singapore 18 years ago to what we have established as a company of prestigious singapore interior designers in singapore.

A full service interior design company and renovation contractor in Singapore and a service oriented company, Vegas strives to achieve total customer satisfaction by setting our priorities to 6 simple extremely important criteria: Service, Quality, Responsibility, Punctuality, Integrity and Creativity.

Together with a constant focus on customer relations and through close rapport, our assurance to you is our total commitment for your complete satisfaction. As a CASETRUST member, you are assured of quality work that is of the highest standard.

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" Dear sir, It gives me great pleasure to write this letter today to commend your interior designer ,Mr Alvin Yap whom we had engaged for our recent house renovation. We were shopping around for a designer company for our new home and because of the very tight schedule to complete our renovation within 30 days, there were not many who can commit to us. But after meeting up with several designers,we decided to give alvin a opportunity,as we felt that he is a responsible and trustworthy person to handle our project. He was very forthcoming in his creativity and on the other hand attentive to our needs and ideas. As renovation started, we can see that he was very professional in his job and his man management of the sub contractors was efficient and impressive. He was also meticulous in every area of the renovation,which a layman like me will never realized. As like any other renovation,especially a project like ours with such a tight time frame for completion, we were very concern with the quality of the finished work but it turned out to be of exemplary standard. Alvin has not only demonstrated his commitments to his client but has also delivered to us our dream house. Congratulation to have such a fine employee with you in your company. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone who wants to build their dream home."


By Andy & Melissa, 16 Rio Vista

"...We really felt that it has indeed been a pleasure in engaging you as our interior designer. You have lived up to our expectations and have always honoured your words like a true friend would..."

By Victor & Jenny,Blk 315B Ang Mo Kio

"...She is patient, helpful and attentive to our needs and feedback. She followed up every big and small detail closely. We have no worries with her as our interior design consultant...."

By Ms Catherine Ho, Blk 188A Rivervale Drive

"...It has been a pleasure to have him on my apartment. He is calm, nurturing, and consistently models professional behaviour as a shared value of all individuals in renovation work..."

By Dr Patsy Tan, The Makena Condo

"...I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate his professional ethics, demonstrating rightful values, efficient planning and execution and providing professional advise on materials and decorative items which are hard to come-by in other firms..."

By Mr Mohamed Zubai, Kentish Court

"'ve done a fantastic job and I'm over the moon with the way my apartment looks. I would recommend you personally to anyone I know that is looking for an interior designer.."

By Mr Gavin, 37 The Seaview

"...Your professional point of view & enthusiasm on your work made use felt that you are trustworthy and approachable for more opinions.. your responsible actions on the project & trying to meet request let me have the urge to recommend my friends to you!.."

By Ms Kyi Kyi San, 83 The Metz

" always go the extra mile to please your customers. Thank you for going through the whole process with me..And I am really pleased with your prompt service!..Didn't expect the house to look so chic & modern.."

By Ms Nichole Tan, Blk 271A Sengkang Central

"...I was probably one of your most challenging clients as I was based in Europe & you have to undertake the entire renovation project in the absence of your client. Your professional workmanship and demeanor made it a very pleasant experience dealing with you!.."

By Mr Steven Eng, 120 Amaranda Gardens

"...I wish to express my deepest appreciation to your company for the commendable renovation job...My special thanks to both of you for your professional advices, attentiveness and exemplary efforts to ensure timely completion and quality of work delivered. It has been a great experience working with you...." in other firms..."

By Mr & Mrs Fong, 29 Rio Vista

"...he not only deliver what he promises, but also satisfy the client's needs & preferences.. Possess good grasps of client's ideas and is able to fuse them with his own.."

By Mr Patrick Loh, 100 Telok Kurau

"...she has been very customer oriented & responsible in looking into every detail of the renovation works. In fact, we have been giving accolade of Vegas to our friends for the good experience we had!.."

By Mr & Mrs Hor, Blk 387 Bukit Batok West

"...during the design stage, she was very attentive & registered all our design criteria and concern. There were adequate project coordination & management over the entire project, even on a mirco level !.."

By Mr Daniel Tan, Blk 277D Compassvale Link

"...I wish to express my deepest appreciation to your company for the commendable renovation job...My special thanks to both of you for your professional advices, attentiveness and exemplary efforts to ensure timely completion and quality of work delivered. It has been a great experience working with you...." in other firms..."

By Ms Rosalind Chua, 138 Race Course Road

"We are thankful to have appointed you as our designer for our new condominium. What impressed us, other than your designs which go without saying, is your cool, patient and accommodating manner in handling demanding and meticulous customers like us. Please keep up the commendable performance as there is great potential in your work!"

By Ms Tan Li Mien, Edelweiss Park

Dear Sir, "Just a couple of evenings ago, your designer and I were resting and chatting at the living room of my just completed home at Centris. We were both looking and admiring the finished interior that she had so painstakingly done up. We recalled the moment in the embryonic stages when we spent hours in discussion and planning. How we had started from zero. As she gave the living room a long final look, I could detect in her the same emptiness a nanny would have felt when she finally had to hand over to the parents the toddler whom she had so lovingly looked after since the baby's first days. The same feeling of the loss of an attachment; the loss of someone, something that she has grown to be deeply fond of. This is exactly that kind of attitude I want to commend your designer. She regards my home as hers; She takes care of all details, great and small; nothing escaped her attentive eyes; Her sense of responsibility and the great pride she took in her work impressed me; She is so meticulous; I even had a picture taken of her mopping the floor area clean. I have no worries as I could see in her the tremendous effort to strive for excellence and perfection. I must admit that I am a difficult client. I kept changing ideas because I was not too sure of what I really wanted. A lesser person would have shown impatience; but not your designer. Whenever a new idea came into my mind and brought up to her, she would weigh the pros and cons, based on her expertise, then give me sound practical advice that was best for me; Many times her alternatives were even better than what I proposed; And she did all these in such quiet confidence and patience and professionalism that made me feel that the advice that she offered, was not just simply given in the capacity of a designer consultant, but also from an old dear friend who really had my interest in her heart. With so much talk about irresponsible ID firms around, I really thank God to have engaged her as my personal overseer. The quality of work is good and the tasks completed as scheduled. And I had peace in mind because of a capable and responsible designer consultant. I grow to like my new home more and more. I also grow to like your more and more. I will miss her, just like, I know, she will miss my home, a place she had spent so much effort and time to dress up . Congratulation to have such a fine employee with you in your company; I will definitely recommend your company to my people; In fact I had already introduced one friend, whose house is still under renovation by, well of course, who else, but Vegas?"

By Mdm Fong Yeok Kuen

"We like to express our appreciation to your staff for their hard work. It is a run down old apartment which had a lot of remodelling to be done. Your staff were very patient and assuring in working through the renovation details. The unit had many surprises and problems which they resolved efficiently and professionally. Their dedication and commitment gave us a peace of mind throughout the entire renovation. Ours is now a stylish, functional and comfortable home. "

By Irene Tan

"We met your staff when we were looking for an interior designer at the Expo exhibition and we are glad we did. They were prompt in coming back to us with a quotation and what we like most about them is that they were very patient and are great listeners. They understood our needs well , took our ideas and opinions into consideration and incorporated some of those features is the design. After installation service was excellent as they never fail to come back and ensure that everything is done to our satisfaction. It has been a pleasure dealing with Vegas and we would not hesititate to recommend Vegas to our friends and families."

By Mr & Mrs Ong Yew Mei Green

"My husband and I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to your company’s designers. They have spent many hours to with us to review design proposals and made changes to fine-tune to the final design. We are impressed with their designs and many of which we didn’t expect. The design concepts are very creative, stylish and yet practical for everyday use. Equally important was their time and effort spent to manage the entire renovation project. At the end, the renovation turned out to be more than what we have expected. We also like to take the opportunity to mention our children’s bedrooms which we had earlier approved the raised platform designs. During the renovation, we realized that the rooms will not be ergonomic without the study desks included. We were very concerned and quickly informed your designers. They went to our house and managed to figure out and brilliantly came with the design to accommodate the study desks. Space in the rooms was not sacrificed and most importantly it was aesthetically done. Your designers spared every efforts to do their best. Our family is very happy for the makeover of the house to a beautiful home. Thank you."

By Agnes & KB Chan

Commendation for Vegas Interior Design Pte Ltd

"We would like to commend Vegas Interior for its effort and great work in conceptualization, monitoring and providing post renovation services to us. We have recently engaged Vegas Interior to renovate our apartment in Rio Vista (Ref 3623). Your designers’ friendly disposition made it easy for us to communicate candidly about what we wanted as well as budget for the project. Their overall color sense, choice of materials and ability to accommodate our personal taste into the overall design is commendable. We knew we trusted your designers when we sought their opinions on matters pertaining to colors, design, materials and placement of furniture. Administratively, your designers were efficient and went beyond their working hours to answer our queries via SMS late into the night. This constant communication made the entire renovation processes a smooth one. We are thankful for this. Your staff even notified me that we have overpaid the last installment. She had earlier shown us the correct amount but we erroneously thought we owed more. She has since rectified the issue for us. We are most impressed with your company’s after-renovation commitment to us. Our previous experience with an ID firm was bad as the person in charge was hard to contact and we had to resort to calling the boss of the firm and demand rectification work to be done as per contract and warranty. On the other hand, your staff was responsive to our request for minor rectification works and helped scheduled the rectification process for us. We are now very close to a satisfied completion of the project. We believe that an employee is a reflection of the company they work for and through them, we are convinced that Vegas Interior is a trustworthy renovation firm especially in a less than perfect renovation industry."

By Mr Lee Thuan Sim and Ms Ivy Choi

Dear Sir, I would like to write in to show my appreciation and compliment for our designer, Miss Vanesse Lim. Last year my husband & I had engage Miss Vanesse Lim to assist us with the designing & renovation of our new house. From our very first appointment through to the final stages, she had been wonderful. I have to commend her for her high level of patience and responsibility in ensuring that our renovation is completed to the best of our expectations. Also, due to budget constraint we did not went ahead to have (2) cabinets build into our recess area in the master bedroom but she had assist us to design the area without any additional charge. Unfortunately some renovation issues were not settled on time due to HDB permit, electrical issues, carpentry, some design changes etc. However, Vanesse put us at rest by demonstrating a flexible and understanding attitude to our dilemmas. My husband and I were very appreciative of the professionalism shown by her. We simply left everything up to Vanesse. We could not have asked for a better designer! The response from the way our house looked have been amazing, it made such a huge difference and I would highly recommend your company to my family & friends.

By Mariah Othman