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Royal Sense

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Business Description

Since time immemorial royalty have been known for the luxury bathroom and living space that changes time spent in the home from “harsh reality” into “welcoming haven”. The true measure of any home mansion is always the quality of the bathroom fitting & fixtures, the thought that goes into the interior design and the way that the home cocoons and welcomes the owner.

That’s why we, at Royal Sense, focus relentlessly on quality household fixtures and fittings that last, on prestigious tactility that makes you feel royal, on the timeless presence that many aspire to when we supply a full range of household fixtures – from lighting through to bathroom fittings, from sanitary appliances (such as toilets, vanity units, taps, faucets and sinks) through to the gorgeous mood lighting that creates a symbiotic mood of relaxation, comfort and serenity.

We, at Royal Sense, have a vast store of knowledge, experience and know-how within the interior design, contracting and architectural industries. We believe in sharing our knowledge, in enlightening our clients and in the concept of “noblesse oblige” – where we are obligated by what we have learnt to help you achieve greater standards.

We have been supplying the widest range of household fittings, bathroom appliances and lighting to satisfy the most demanding of clients. And we expect you to be demanding. When it comes to the quality, durability and prestigious design of your home – after all, Royalty have never settled for second best in anything – so why should you?

When you demand the best quality bathroom fittings, the most luxurious kitchen appliances, the most beautiful lighting and the most desirable home created through thoughtful, forward looking and inspired household items, we would be honoured by your patronage.

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