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Objet d'Art

Type: Interior Design Consultant        

Services Provided
-Property Development
-Space Planning
-Custom Furniture Design
-Interior Design

Business Description

Until recently, space planning has been considered a required but only preliminary part of design preparation. It was a pre-design process. Space planning was comparable to a necessary evil – one to which interior designers and architects paid only the required attention. Now, however, space planning has become an integral part of the interior design method and procedure. It remains a fundamental part of the project from the start through to the final analysis of how the design concept and its implementation are working.

This is only its due. Space planning is truly one of the most essential components of interior design. Without proper implementation, designers will not accomplish their goal of functional interior design. Space planning aims to create a comfortable and practical environment. If you are renovating your office, space planning can help you create a productive and even comfortable working environment. It will help you work towards the goals you set for performance in your office. The same applies if you decide to renovate any room in your home or any other structure. In fact, space planning is essential for renovating success. It helps you delineate, define and design the purpose of the room.

The importance of space planning is such that no matter what room or place you plan to renovate, you need to be aware of the significant role it plays. Failure to understand the necessity of careful, well thought out space planning can result in absolute disaster.


We were founded in singapore, branched to patu bahat/malaysia, and eventually jarkata/indonesia. With design and build of carpentries, architecture of shopping malls, condominiums, commercial hotels and interior space planning/decor etc. We seek to expend to more of asean countries in the near future. Your continuous support is what that keeps us going!


Demolision, erection, additional & alteration, space planning, interior renovation, interior/furniture design.

General Information

The most prestigious company in singapore with most ‘members/likes’ in facebook for this industry, because we prioritize quality and professional services. Design and build specialists in architectures, space planning, interiors/furnitures designs. With professionals focusing on space planning, 3d visualizing, project site coordination and colour combination with great taste and expertise, we guarantee satisfaction after completion of project.

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