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Life Interior Design Pte Ltd

Type: Interior Design Consultant        

Services Provided
▪ Providing creative design concepts and proposed layout plans
▪ Sourcing materials from approved list of vendors throughout Singapore
at the most competitive pricing
▪ Design of bespoke cabinetry and unique pieces of furniture
▪ Planning applications, listed building consents and building regulation

Business Description

A Singapore based interior design consultancy, has established a reputation for providing creative design solutions for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We use innovative materials to showcase unique interiors that work.

Our mission is to deliver creativity, freshness and boldness into the interior and exterior spaces. We aim to please, and meet the needs of customers by helping to fulfill their dreams, and also introduce them to exclusive designs for all areas.

We are more than eager and glad to be able to work on projects of any size from major redevelopments to an individual room, from construction work to final decoration.

Our dedicated team started off as an enthusiastic group with a common interest to bring out the best in unique experiences and designs in the ever growing construction industry of Singapore.

To date, we have successfully build up our very own in-house carpentry and a team of dedicated & experienced carpenters in our very own workshop. Our carpentry services not only serves our own projects with direct customers, we are also providing our carpentry services to a group of designers in the local scene.

Not failing to keep up with the local scene, we have also diverged out to doing minor reconstruction work for mainly residency projects.

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