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Type: Curtains, Assorted Blinds, Awnings        

Services Provided
Curtains, assorted blinds and awnings with professional advice on usage, colour coordination and maintainence.

Business Description


1995 - Business started as a retailer. With 20 years of experience, Curtainz is capable of meeting the needs and expectations of all customers.

2010 - Re-modelled business to cater to meeting clients (by appointments only) at our own Industrial office, so as to offer a fuller personalized attention to the customer.

2012 - Business portfolio extended to include highly experienced interior designer and renovations teams.

2013 - Business services extended to include laundry services (home pick-up ) for curtains and roman blinds.

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No. 1, Marymount Terrace, #01-02, Singapore 574036.
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