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Living Room Renovation

Here are some questions when it comes to living room renovation. Where does one begin? What is the acceptable budget for renovations? What are the best materials to use in renovating? The bottom line is your new living room must fit your requirements, ideas and lifestyle. One of the factors in successful remodeling is ample foresight and information especially if you plan to make significant changes in the living room. If not, you may be unhappy with the results and lead to waste of time and resources. In Singapore, there are many competent house renovation firms accredited by the HDB. Contact one that offers a practical package at an affordable cost.

Most living room packages includes the following services:

1. Consultation & Design Proposal

2. Demolition / Masonry work 

  • Hacking of existing floor skirting at living room
  • To plaster smooth upon hacking of existing skirting @ living/dining.

3. Laminated flooring 

  • To supply & overlay HDF Laminated flooring for living/dining.
  • To supply & lay HDF Laminated skirting for living/dining.

4. Ceiling & paiting work

  • To supply & construct L-box light holder @ living room.
  • To supply & paint living room

5. Electrical work

  • To supply & run 10 nos. Of exposed lighting point at living room

6. Carpentry work 

  • To install suspended TV console 
  • To install TV feature wall

7. Misc Work

  • General Cleaning upon completion of work.
  • Laying of protection sheet before commencement of work.


What are trendy concepts in living room makeover?

Contemporary homes come in multiple design styles such as modern, eclectic and Scandinavian. Regardless of the style, you can get inspiring thoughts for your living room. One is to build wooden panels across the living room. This feature can be effective especially if wooden panels are installed close to soft lighting. It gives a cozy and yet modern look in your living spaces.

Use Venetian blinds instead of curtains since the latter can make the room look old-fashioned. Besides, blinds can regulate the amount of sunlight coming in, ensures privacy and more cost-effective than traditional window covers.

The heat in Singapore can be oppressive during summer but majority of Singaporeans will surely find the warm feeling in the living room. To create this atmosphere, minimalist track lighting has become quite popular among many homeowners. Using different designs can brighten your living room while providing some cool ambiance in the area.


Living room renovation need not be a problem for fussy homeowners. Look for your friendly customer service representative so you can get a free quote at the appointed time.

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