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Kitchen Renovation Package

How do you source out kitchen renovation package for your home? The whole process can be quite complicated and entails careful planning. Do not rush the procedures. Find out where to keep stuff so you can find them if needed. This is part of the design phase. Be aware of significant ways to save like reusing existing materials and accessories. Measurements should be done carefully. It is important to be flexible about small things such as kitchen cabinet doors, kitchen sink and tiles. Hire a dependable kitchen renovator with adequate experience. You will require good help to stay away from major headaches.

Common kitchen renovation package include:

  1. Consultation and space planning work
  2. Dismantle existing kitchen cabinet
  3. Carpentry work include to install ktichen cabinet, designer handle, dish rack, cutlery tray, solid surface worktop and ABS trimming for all doors.
  4. Plumbing work to install kitchen sink, tap, cooker hood, hob and piping work for kitchen sink
  5. Misc and clearing of debris to dumping ground.

Pacakges may vary across different renovation company. 


How much does it cost for kitchen renovation?

Well, it depends on your requirements, our participating renovator offer from $4,500. Prices is subjected to actual site measurement & design. 


What type of materials should you use?

Quality means a lot. For drawers, the material should be durable. Wood veneer is tougher compared to laminate or particle board. Cabinets should go up toward the ceiling. This will offer more storage space. Leave a gap of at least 15 inches between top of cabinets and ceilings. Marble is best for countertops although stained wood adds a bit of sophistication. Avoid overdoing details and keep accents to a minimum. The style of any kitchen should be well-matched with the entire house.


What to avoid when it comes to kitchen renovation?

  • Avoid poor illumination. Install lighting fixtures that will help you in food preparation.
  • Do not purchase appliances which are not necessary and will just be thrown inside storage space.
  • Cheap cabinetry can ruin your entire kitchen. Never put any money at all on ugly cupboards and drawers.
  • The kitchen floor is equally important. It should have the right dimensions, color and materials.


Finally, consider efficiency and actual use of space. For example, the distance between the fridge, gas or electric range, and sink should create an equilateral triangle. These are the three major points that you and other occupants will visit repeatedly.

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