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Interior Design Packages

An interior design package is appropriate for any room and space of your house. Packages are designed for homeowners who wish to avail of standardised designer services. However, most interior design consultant do formulated according to the client’s specifications and budget to offer customised packages that adhere to homeowner's design requirements.


What services are included in the design package?
This should ideally include space planning, actual design, project management, layout and design of the living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, home office and even furnitures like tables, sofas, lightings, storage, rugs, and other decor needs.

Do you have a warranty in case we are not contented with the outcome?
Yes, there should always be a warranty if customers want some adjustments or are not satisfied with the design. However, piece of advise is do ask the interior designer what they usually cover in written format and how long will the warranty expire. Note that most of the interior design company in Singapore do cover workmanship for certain customised carpentry work and some cover 2 to 10 years. It depend on company by company basis.

Can I still use the existing furniture and other accessories?
It all depends on the designers but most of them will agree to this suggestion. Besides, clients are always right with regards to use of embellishments, fixtures and relevant elements.

What is the average turn-out time for a specific design?
This can only be determined after the designers present their best plans complete with timelines and terms. Both designer and homeowner must mutually agree to the timeline. Some design styles that involve more customising and designing work will usually take longer. It also depend on the experience of the designer, contractor and stylist involve in the project. Chances are the more experience the designer, the more they will avoid unforeseen circumstances which can help homeowner save more time and deliver the project on time.

Will the design for your residence fit into a limited budget?
Designers will always consider available funds of their clients. Homeowners should also paln for at least 15% of their designing cost for unforeseen circumstances.

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