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HDB Renovation Package

There are plentiful of HDB renovation package in the market. It may not be easy to find perfect HDB renovation package services for your home. Partial renovation package for the kitchen and dining will definitely be cheaper. Prices will go up once you add another room to your wish list. Reconstruction of a new space also costs lower because of less removal. Consider minor changes if you want to spend less. For instance, painting the bedrooms and bathroom can spruce up your home without the price of a full renovation.

Seek the professional assistance of an experienced interior designer if necessary. Fees of design firms vary extensively depending on the experience of the provider, materials and scope of services.

What services are included in a renovation package?

  1. Professional consultaiton
  2. Masonry work
    • Supply & construct main entrance door kerb with HDB matching floor titles
    • Supply & construct mortar kitchen cabinet base complete with matching HDB tiles
    • Supply & lay 3-in-1 cement screed for flooring for at living, dining & all bedrooms (new rules require by HDB)     
  3. Plumbing work 
  4. Electrical work
  5. Ceiling work
  6. Painting services
  7. Carpentry work on kitchen cabinet, worktop, dishrack etc.
  8. Misc services
    • Chemical washing before handover
    • HDB permit handling fees

Do note that different interior design company offer different packages price, services and items.

What are the Dos in HDB Overhaul?

If possible, open a Singapore Power services account. This is needed to turn on water and electricity for your house. This must be accomplished before a permit for household renovation is given by the proper authority.

Watch out for the restriction period of three years for removal of floor and wall finishing in the bathrooms.

Check carefully prior to hacking, demolition or adding. You need the approval of HDB before making any changes. The board will conduct assessment whether the building requires modifications that impinge on structural integrity.

As soon as the approval for renovation is granted, you will be obliged to display all permits outside your home until the project is finished. The process of hacking down halls must be done within three days.


What are additional guidelines in renovation?

Flat owners are compelled to employ contractors with the appropriate accreditation by HDB. Otherwise, these may result to heavy penalties for both the owner and contractor by the proper authority.


Indeed, the HDB renovation scheme is quite complicated. See to it that you get the right package for your upgrade needs. Contact immediately for no obligation discussions & enjoy renovation discount! We are All About Matching Homeowners with Qualified & Reputable Interior Designers that can fit Your Budget & Renovation Requirements. Call +65 6515 9300 or fill in your design request.

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