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Executive Maisonette Renovation

An executive maisonette in Singapore can be converted into a roomy living space using thoughtful planning and extraordinary designs. The unit has two or three levels with all rooms located upstairs. All floor levels are spread out usually with one set of short staircase going to the bedroom level and the other to the basement. If your Maisonette is old-fashioned, it calls for renovation to make over the flat into a wide and alluring home.


Executive Maisonette Living Room Design Executive Maisonette Staircase Design


What makes these newly-renovated maisonettes adorable?

One is space. The occupants can move furniture around without any trouble without need for too much makeover. Furnishings are limited. It is the task of interior designers to make sure that the space should be maximized while giving more charm to the living area. Space at the bottom of the stairs can be utilized as storage with pull-out furniture.

The classic fixtures can be found in many Singapore shops although prices will surely be expensive. This condo should be reflective of the owner. Therefore, renovation must focus on the person’s lifestyle and choices.

There are HDB flats that can conform to the ambitions and budgets of average house owners and these are the two-story executive Maisonettes. Common restoration projects can also consist of extending space by taking down the kitchen panels and building a balcony outdoors. To achieve this goal, some pointers of experts include the use of simple and inexpensive wood as well as warm lighting fixtures. These can be complemented by light-colored walls, accent hues, and practical storage solutions. The price of makeovers needs not be too high for as long as you can plan the renovation in advance.


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