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Condo Renovation Package

Not all people can afford pricey condo renovation packages in Singapore. Fortunately, there are budget packages designed for those looking for restoration pros but want to keep their expenses to a minimum. This will depend on the needs of the unit owner. You can always ask for estimates from the more popular companies. Check out comparison websites, forms, blog articles and social media such as facebook that can help in your search. Likewise, read reviews and comments of users to get a better look at renovators offering this package. Keep in mind that renovation will entail much work, time and capability.

What services are included in a renovation package?

  1. Consultation and project management
    • Space planning, 3D proposed drawings and the choice of material.
  2. Electrical work: installation of whole unit lightings 
  3. Plumbing work: installation of bathroom accessories
  4. Painting job
  5. Carpentry work for foyer, living room and master bedroom
  6. Misc and cleaning work upon completion of renovaiton

Do note that different renovation company offer different packages price based on the design items they offer.


What are the guidelines in discovering the best packages?

Go for something new and yet stylish. Trendy Singaporeans will opt for firms that can bring elegance to their houses. The renovation must complement the owner’s personality and taste.

You can discuss the basic elements of design, color schemes, and assortment of decorations that will fit your moods. Ideally, lighter shades will make your flat look more spacious as well as develop a more calming environment.

Try to figure out if the package will enhance the overall appearance of your home. Carpets can be a practical choice but wood is also fashionable. Wooden floors also give you flexibility since it matches a variety of patterns and colors. Renovation should also include arrangement of furniture and other accessories.


How do you save money with renovation packages?

It is important to pre-plan every stage and all details of the project. It’s a key factor in reducing building costs especially if you hire the right builders and designers.


How much does a condo renovation package cost?

Typically, it depends on the size of your condo and how you want to renovate. For an estimate, it typically cost from $8,500 to $10,280 for very basic renovation work.

  • Studio from S$8,500
  • 1 Bedroom from S$8,880
  • 2 Bedrooms from S$9,200
  • 3 Bedrooms from S$9,680
  • 4 Bedrooms from S$10,280

Prices is subjected to actual onsite measurement and individual requirements on design and choice of materials.

Average condo renovation price that Singapore homeowner spent in condo design range from $15,000 to $45,000.

Some homeowner are willing to pay for high-end quality and design to suit their personality and taste. We also have portfolio work that cost up to $100,000 design. If you require customised condo renovation quotation based on your design request and budget, we will highly recommend you to send in your request here: can be the perfect alternative if you yearn for a competent and savvy renovation specialist. Do not hesitate to give us a ring and expect a representative from our company to get in touch with you.

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