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Community Outreach

Project Hope III - April 2017

Thank you to all who participated and made this event possible!

De Hair Art

Genie Cleaning

Pestology Pte Ltd

MJS Interior

Yujia Interior Design

Diamon' Tif


Elegance Concept

Vegas Interior Design

Northwest Interior Design

Design 4 Space

Asia 1 Enrich

Ms. Tin Pei Ling


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Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home7th Day of Chinese New Year

On the 7th day of Chinese New Year, together with I.Dezign Pte Ltd and a pool of volunteers who comes from all walks of life were at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home to bring joys and laughter to the elderly folks residing there.

Prior to the event, we have generous donations from friends and individual companies to purchase medical, food and daily necessities for the Home.  


With the traditional lion dance and “God of Prosperity” shaking hands with the elderly folks and a magician going from ward to ward to entertain the folks while they are enjoying a sumptuous meal provided by us.


All of us had spent a marvellous and meaningful day with the seniors and looking at how they enjoyed themselves, it truly touched each and everyone’s heart. We wished to thank everybody for your contributions, time and donations, because without any of you, this event wouldn’t have been a total success!


Do look out for next major charity event which is happening on 26th March 2016. This time round, we are going to assist 3 blocks of one room rental HDB units in the east area to improve their living conditions together with our participating Home Services merchants. If you wish to chip in your efforts, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. - where everyone deserves a better living space.



Cleaning Up at North Bridge Road: Dec 2015

It has become a normal affair for to assist needy and elderly families who can’t afford to seek help when they desperately need to. We were approached by a business associate who happen to come across an elderly couple with no children who are staying in a 1 room rental unit at North Bridge Road. Their house is heavily plagued by bed bugs and due to their old age, they are unable to do vigorous cleaning on their own, nor do they have any avenues to seek help. Upon knowing this, took up this job immediately and went on to arrange with our own merchants and pool our resources together to help them.

On Wednesday, 16th Dec 2015, our team arrived at the elderly couple home and our work began. When we saw their tiny little flat, it is really an amazing feat to try and comprehend how they manage to stay there for so long without seeking help. The whole place is so badly infested with bed bugs that you can literally see them crawling around on the walls and their furniture freely.


Cleaning Up!

We started moving their furniture and belongings out of the house and clear as much space as possible and our pest control merchant from Pestology Pte Ltd begins their fumigation. In the midst of it, we have to take down a large curtain which the elderly couple used to separate their sleeping area and the hall as we realised that there more than 50 bed bugs hiding in there.

We boiled 2 kettles of hot boiling water and dip the whole curtains into a large pail to kill off the bugs. After about half an hour, we removed the curtain and we saw more than 100 bed bugs in the pail of water. One would really wonder how the elderly couple could survive such nights with bed bugs attacking them. They told us that they are pretty used to it till they are nonchalant. Next, our painters came and started the painting works. As the walls are yellow with age, the painters have a hard time as they need to paint the whole house with several layers before it can give a fresh new look.

Our faithful merchant from Genie Cleaning - they have never failed to assist us in all our charity jobs without charging a single cent. without any delay, we began cleaning up the whole house, scrubbing the toilets, the walls, their furniture, their belongings etc.

After all of which were done, it took us more than 7 hours to complete the whole clean up. The word tired was an understatement, however, when we saw how happy the elderly couple was when they saw what we had done to refurbish their little home, the smiles and happiness on their faces are our best reward. This is our payment.



In the event that if any of our consumers can raise up to with similar cases like the above, we would like to help. However, if the requests poured in are overwhelming, we can only help one family at a time. Our strongest belief – Everyone Deserves A Better Living Space. Please do not hesitate to write to us at [email protected].



Cleaning Up at Jurong West: October 2015

Sometime towards the end of September 2015, was contacted by a social welfare group to assist a Malay family residing in Jurong West. After doing more facts finding from the social worker, we were informed that the Malay family only consist of an elderly grandmother and her 5 year grandson. The mother of the young child had abandoned the family 3 years ago, leaving the elderly grandmother to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of bringing up the child and providing for the household’s needs. It was previously a hoarding unit but some students volunteers had offered to pack all their stuff into boxes and it literally occupies ¾ of the house. There were no proper resting places for the young boy and his grandmother, not to mention there were also no proper beddings. The young boy slept on the sofa every night while the grandmother lies down to rest on a torn and tattered foldable stretcher. As her grandson suffers from kidney problems, he is unable to control his bowels and even at the age of 5, he is still wearing diapers. Ultimately, the grandmother wishes to clean up the place so that she can rent out one of the rooms to supplement the family’s income.

 After visiting the unit, decides to take up this case and starts to make arrangements immediately to help this family. Foremost, seeks for donations of new and pre love furniture and electrical appliances for the family while at the same time, we also contacted our merchants – Genie Cleaning and Vegas Interior to seek their assistance in this clean up. These 2 wonderful companies responded almost immediately and over the weekends,, together with the team from Genie Cleaning and Vegas Interior went down to the unit and begins the hard work.


Cleaning Up!

Before the actual clean up commence, we move all the boxes and unwanted stuff to the living room to be sorted out individually. Anything that was deemed to be unwanted by the family were being disposed of. 


Tons of junk were removed to reduce the cluttering and created more space for them. Some of our volunteers even encountered dead carcases of roaches beneath the boxes and also bed bugs scampering hurriedly in different directions to escape the fate of being squashed.




Almost towards the end of the clean up, donated items like beds, wardrobes, cabinets, TV console, 3 seater sofa, praying mats, refrigerator, pampers and tins of milk powder etc starts arriving to the unit. After moving in all the furniture, together with the volunteers from Genie Cleaning, we started to scrub the floors and toilets of the house. Our hard work ended in the night, but we are very satisfied and contented to see the final make over of the house and the gratitude & smiles from the grandmother. Finally, she has a bed to sleep on and a more spacious and environment for her growing grandson.

Aside from bridging consumers to the right home services and renovation companies, also works towards creating a better living environment for everyone. Cleaning the unit was truly an arduous process, from taking out the heavy furniture to cleaning up. However, we are really contented when we see the joyful smiles of the residents who appreciated our efforts, knowing that we made a positive impact in their lives. 

Special thanks to Genie Cleaning and Vegas Interior for contributing their efforts in providing their cleaning services to the unit.


Cleaning Up at Jurong West: August 2015


Hoarding can cause serious problems if it is not being controlled. Not only does it create a hazardous and unsanitary environment for the residents living in the unit, but it can sometimes cause nuisance to surrounding neighbours to a certain extend. Having too much clutter and unwanted junk can actually attract pests of all forms to infest in homes, creating an unhygenic living condition, which can lead to serious health issues in a long run.

Over the weekends, the HomeSavv team together with the team from Genie cleaning went down to a unit located in Jurong West which was said to have a hoarding and pest infestation problem which needed immediate help.




This picture proves to show the seriousness of this residents' hoarding problem. Tons of unwanted piles of stuff acculmulated over the years are stacked on top of each other and scattered all around every corner in the unit to a point that there is not enough room for people to move around in the unit.


Pests were manifesting and breeding everywhere, under the furniture and in every room. Cockroaches, spiders and many other crawlies were seen roaming freely across the rooms. And you cant walk one step without spotting these pests as they were in hordes. Eggs of the pests were also spotted.

The amount of grime, dirt and dust built up because of the long-term hoarding. Professional services were required to clear up such mess.


Cleaning Up!


Before the actual cleaning commences, everything from inside the house were carefully shifted out to prevent damages. Anything that were deemed to be unwanted by the family were being disposed of. Tons of junk were removed to reduce the clutter and create more space for them. Having too many things lying around can cause injuries to the elderly staying in the unit.


The cleaning begins with sweeping of the residual dust and dirt. Scrubbing was also done to remove all the grime and stains off the floor tiles. Check out the amount of dirt being scrubbed off!


 Here are the results of our efforts. The walls and floor are sparkling clean and pests were largely being exterminated. With all things being tidied and cleared, the whole place looks spacious as compared to before. This is extremely important as there are elderly living in the unit and it would be much safer for them to move about if there are no stuff lying around on the ground. And with new mattresses and electrical appliances donated generously by the public, we are sure that this family would be able to lead a more comfortable and better quality lives.

The elderly residents enjoying their meal in their 'brand new' home.

Aside from bridging consumers to the right home services and renovation companies, also works towards creating a better living environment for everyone. Cleaning the unit was truly an arduous process, from taking out the heavy furniture to cleaning up. However, we are really contented when we see the joyful smiles of the residents who appreciated our efforts, knowing that we made a positive impact in their lives. 

Special thanks to Genie Cleaning for contributing their efforts in providing their cleaning services to the unit.






Project Hope: April 2015 always believes strongly that everyone should be able live in a comfortable and safe home environment, and hence our motto ‘Where Everyone Deserves Better Living Spaces’. Therefore, Project Hope is organized with aims of helping residents living in unbearable conditions as we reach out our arms in aiding them in improving their daily living conditions.

For our first ever Project Hope event held in Bendemeer on 18th April 2015, we managed to collaborate with various reputable merchants such as Design 4 Space, NorthWest Interior, Space Atelier, Dots N Tots Interior, Vegas Interior, Matrix Interior, Midea Electric Trading, The Mattress Centre, Genie Cleaning Centre, Pestology, Chang Cheng and Hanky Provisions. There are over 250 units in the estate of Bendemeer where residents are living in dire and unfavourable conditions, most of which suffers from health ailments which affected them critically in their daily lives.

Here is a summary of what happened and how each participating merchants contributed their efforts during the Project Hope Event.


Prior to the actual event, the HomeSavv team together with some volunteers went around the Bendemeer area to approach each and every one of the residents living in each unit to further understand the living conditions that they are currently staying in and also their needs. Based off from our observation, most and many of these residents have problems both financially and physically, many of which are unable to pay off their overdue bills while others are facing complications due to their disabilities and not to mention their overwhelming medical bills.

To find out more on what we did when preparing for the event in more details, please click here.

Actual Event:

Preparation of food ration packs before the actual commencement of the event

Before the start of the event, all the merchants including the HomeSavv team were gathered at the holding point to get ready the donated items that were to be sent to the residents. A total of more than 150 items ranging from new mattresses and electrical appliances, to basic necessities such as body soap, detergent and adult diapers that were generously donated by the merchants were delivered to the holding area. Concurrently, other teams were busy packing well over 100 packs of food rations consisting of salt, rice, sugar, vermicelli and other basic food items.

List of items donated

30 X Induction Cookers
30 X Standing Fans
9 X Table Top Fans
10 X Bar Fridges
6 X Washing Machines
1 X Iron
2 X Light Bulbs
1 X Refrigerator
32 X Single Size Mattresses
1 X Queen Size Mattress
1 X Single Size Bed
2 X Queen Size Beds
7 X Pillows
1 X Clothes Cabinet
1 X Wooden Chair
2 X 2 Seater Sofas

Other items donated

Adult Diapers
Detergent Powder
Gas Cylinder
Toilet Cleaning Supplies
2 X EZ Link Cards (worth $50 each)

On top of all these items donated, we were also able to come up with our own funds to help pay off some of the residents’ outstanding PUB and HDB bills that were accumulated over the months.

Once all the preparations were done, a short speech was addressed by our very own managing director, Ms Geraldine Yoong and also by the Bendemeer RC Chairman, Mr Andy Chia. A token of appreciation was also presented to the representative of each participating company. After which, all the companies were delegated to their respective duties.

Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space assisted the elderly and the needy with painting of their homes whose walls are tattered and worn due to minimal or no maintenance after a long period of time. However, before they started painting, they carefully shifted all the furniture in the house to make sure they were not damaged during the process of the painting. They were also helpful in giving valuable advices to the elderly and the disabled.

They took the initiative to change the light bulbs and resolving plumbing issues for the residents. In one instance, they went a step beyond to provide an additional power point for one of the elderly residents so that it will minimise the risk of accident in the event that an extension adapter is used. This measure has help to create a safer and more convenient environment for the elderly. 

Aside from providing professional painting and electrical services, they also assisted in plumbing and repairing electrical appliances. Their helpfulness was being displayed by their initiative and willingness to help. Many of the elderly and residents were pleased with the works that they had done up for their homes.

‘It is an honour to be part of Project Hope Charity Drive. From this meaningful activity, we fostered great team spirits to help the needy together. With our skilled interior designers, electricians and plumbers we were happy to improve some of the bad living conditions that the residents have to bear for many years. We would like to thank for organising and we look forward to the next Project Hope Event.’
Richard, MD of Design 4 Space

Design 4 Space doing up some electral jobs for the residents

Team Design 4 Space busy preparing, and setting up the mattresses for the residents


Northwest Interior

The team from NorthWest Interior did a very efficient job when it comes to painting the homes of the residents. Although just a simple job, they took pride and dedicated themselves in making sure that their job is done perfectly. Their team consisted of more than 40 interior designers and painters. They moved the furniture out and covered the immovable objects in the house to make sure that paint do not drip onto them and after the paint job is done, they proceeded to place the furniture back to their original positions. They even took up last minute paint job requests and proceeded down to the nearest provision shop without hesitation to purchase more paint to help paint more units. This shows how dedicated and willing they are to help improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

On top of that, they were willing to help out in areas that were not related to renovation such as packing of food ration packs and helping out The Mattress Centre and Midea Electric Appliances with their tasks. Their cross-functional teamwork and willingness to work closely with other merchants was truly admirable.

‘We are happy to help the needy residents in Bendemeer and we sincerely thank for organising this meaningful event. My co-worker and interior designers had fun in helping one another out and assisting the needy and elderly. It was a great experience to transform and improve some of the units that were in unbearable condition. We would definitely want to put our skills and knowledge and reach out to the needy if there are any future opportunities with’
Rick Lua, Director, Northwest Interior Design

NorthWest Interior preparing the items that were to be sent up to the residents

NorthWest Interior provided painting services to the residents; an elderly resident waited patiently outside his unit for the painting to be complete


Vegas Interior

Although a small team, they were very well organised and quick on their toes when it comes to helping the needy. Because of their small team, they were able to disseminate their duties efficiently and assigned different various roles among the volunteers (some were responsible for assembling up the fans while others were sent to deliver up the donated items). By doing so, they were able to complete their job quickly and efficiently without much trouble.


The well coordinated Vegas Interior were well prepared as they assigned roles and tasks efficiently.


Matrix Interior

One of the purpose of this event is to help the needy residents in financial terms with their unpaid PUB and HDB bills. Matrix Interior was able to help us out with this task by moving around block to block to collect the bills from each and every residents that we had identified during our preparation prior to our event.


Space Atelier

With so many bulky and heavy items that were to be distributed out to the residents, the team from Space Atelier were able to help with moving those items needed to the designated units quickly and efficiently. They were well coordinated and worked very well as a team which made the job a whole lot easier.


Dots N Tots interior
When the team from Dots N Tots arrived at the event, they quickly assembled and started to disseminate and assigned tasks to each of their volunteers. They assisted in carrying the items up to the residents’ doorstep and proceeded to remove any unnecessary items that could prove to be dangerous to the elderly residents out of their home. A tough job indeed however, they were still helpful and efficient throughout the event.

Dots N Tots helping out with the delivery of the electrical appliances sponsored by Midea Electric Trading


Midea Electric Trading

Midea generously sponsored brand new electrical appliances to the residents that were in need of them.

Here is a list of items that they sponsored.

30 X Induction Cookers
30 X Standing Fans
10 X Bar Fridges

The Midea electric fan is easy to assemble and very user friendly especially to the elderly residents. Because of it’s simple functions, teaching the elderly who were not used to using them was literally a breeze.

Another excellent product that they sponsored was the induction cooker. It is easy to handle and operate but most importantly, it is to replace the use of the gas cylinder. With the induction cooker, it makes cooking a lot safer and less costly in the long run as residents do not need to pay to buy gas cylinders ever again. New stainless steel pots were also given together with the cooker to replace the old and dirty pots that were used to promote hygienic cooking.

The coordination among the Midea team was excellent. They even provided additional products to accommodate to more residents that were not previously identified during our previous preparation. We were really thankful for their utmost generosity and also their preparedness.


Midea Electric Trading, entering the scene of the event with their load of sponsored items


The Mattress Centre (TMC)

Here is a list of items that were generously sponsored by The Mattress Centre.

32 X Single Size Mattresses

Not only did they generously sponsored the mattresses, but their willingness to go through an extra mile to help out the needy was displayed during the event.

In one particular unit, a lady who resides in it is wheelchair bound and was in need of a queen sized bed since her bed was shaky and tattered which proved to be a risk for her. TMC patiently cleared out all her stuff under the bed and even initiated to mop and clean the area before proceeding to install the new queen sized bed frame and mattress for her. However, after the installation was completed, it was realised that the leg rest was shorter than her old bed and this would cause her much inconvenience upon moving from her bed to her wheelchair. Without any hesitation, TMC rushed back to their HQ and brought over a bed frame with a leg rest which is equivalent to the height of her wheelchair. The homeowner was truly glad and grateful for the team from TMC.


Apart from sponsoring the mattresses, beds and pillows, they helped the residents in cleaning as well



The team from pestology consisted of 4 young men who are experienced in their field. Despite their young age, they were really knowledgeable and professional when it comes to pest management. We were amazed with the services provided by Pestology. They managed to wipe out the 9 units that were identified to be infested with bed bugs and termites and freed the homeowners from these pesky pests which could potentially be a hazard to their health and body.

Of the 9 units that were identified as being infested with pests, 1-2 of them were in serious condition. However, Pestology managed to exterminate up to 90% of the pests and even initiated a follow up to ensure that the units are 100% free from pests. We were really thankful for them for improving the living condition of the 2 elderly residents that reside in the unit who both were experiencing difficulties with walking.

After service was great, they taught the elderly the proper way to use the pesticides safely so as to keep their homes pest free. We will also be arranging new sets of mattresses on our end to replace their current mattresses to further eliminate the risk of pest manifestation from happening again.

To engage their services, please kindly click here for more details.


The heroes from Pestology, all geared up and ready to rid the unit off of all pesky pests

Genie Cleaning Centre

Genie Cleaning Centre was in-charge of the cleaning of the units that were deemed to be too unhygienic for living. Living in such conditions over a long period of time could expose these residents to harmful diseases.

Genie Cleaning Centre was able to effectively help the residents clean their floors, remove the grime off the walls and tidy up and remove all excessive items from their homes to make it clutter-free so that they would not be a hazard to these residents, especially the elderly as they like to overload their homes with largely excessive items.


Hanky Provision

With over 100 food ration packs to give away, Hanky Provision was kind enough to coordinate the items for the food ration packs and also assisted in the process of packing them which made the whole process much faster and efficient.


Chang Cheng

Last but not least, we would like to offer a special thanks to Chang Cheng who sponsored 300 of their soft toy mascots for us to sell and raise more funds which were needed to help pay off the unpaid bills of those in need.

As the main organiser of the Project Hope Event, the HomeSavv team went around all 3 blocks in the Bendemeer area to conduct a survey and door knocking session to all the units to understand the needs and living conditions of the residents as part of the preparation process. After identifying these needs, we came up with a list of items that would be donated to them to help improve their standard of living.

Here is the list of items that were donated and sponsored by

Electrical Appliances

9 X Table Top Fans
6 X Washing Machines
1 X Iron
2 X Light Bulbs
1 X Refrigerator
1 X Queen Size Mattress
1 X Single Size Bed
2 X Queen Size Beds
7 X Pillows
1 X Clothes Cabinet
1 X Wooden Chair
2 X 2 Seater Sofas

Other items donated

Adult Diapers
Detergent Powder
Gas Cylinder
Toilet Cleaning Supplies
2 X EZ Link Cards (worth $50 each)
> 100 X Food Ration Packs

During the actual event, the members from coordinated with the different merchants on various duties such as delivering/moving of items, pest control, painting, cleaning and etc as we were clearly aware of the needs of each unit based from the previous door knocking session. We also assisted in assembling and guiding the residents on the proper use of the electrical appliances especially to the elderly residents.

The HomeSavv team assisting the elderly and working closely together with participating merchants


All in all, it was a meaningful event where merchants gather to willingly contribute their efforts to help out those who are less fortunate and of need. Not only were we able to make a difference in the lives of these residents who are less fortunate, this event also brought us and the merchants alike together for the sole purpose of improving the living qualities of these residents which serves as a bonding session for us, fostering teamwork and together, we are able to achieve more as it is not always about business. After the event, we realised that many of the things that they consider luxurious might be things that we take for granted in our daily lives therefore, we should always be thankful with what we have today.

During this event, the HomeSavv team was able to gain an abundant of knowledge from companies of each home industry and hope to utilize what we have learnt to improve and better serve all members and the public in improving the living condition as ‘Everyone Deserves Better Living Spaces’.

Please look out for our upcoming Project Hope Event which would be held soon. Please write to us at if you wish to participate and reach out to the needy. For more details with regards to the next Project Hope and any upcoming events, kindly give us a ‘Like’ on our Facebook for more news and updates simply sign up as a member and stay connected.