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Bathroom Renovation Package

Bathroom renovation can both be daunting and exciting. There are important steps and ideas that the contractor as well as homeowner should consider so the project will turn out to be very successful. These are crucial before you even start thinking about the floor design or extras. The process of renovating can be difficult and time consuming so see to it that everything is in place and goes on without mistakes by engaging a trusted renovation firm to look after your project.

What does a Bathroom renovation package include? 

Plumbing work such as:

  • To supply & run stainless steel piping for whole unit. 
  • To supply labour to install 2 nos. of sitting pedestal bowl.
  • To supply labour to install 2 nos. of wash basin & tap.
  • To supply labour to install 2 nos. of instant heater
  • To supply labour to install 2 sets of bathroom’s accessories & mirror.

Electrical work such as:

  • Re-instatement of wiring for 2 bathrooms.
  • To supply labour to connect 2 nos. of instant heater

Other consultation and demolition work are included.


What is the checklist in bathroom transformation?

First on your priorities should be the budget estimates. You need a clearer grasp of the amount to spend for remodeling as well as floors, accessories and labor.

Second is time involved. It is never easy to determine in advance whether it will take several days, weeks or months. In most cases, it will depend on the task and number of items that the contractor has to work on. Planning calls for identifying the timetable and ensure prompt delivery of purchases and orders for any item.

Third is the schedule of work which covers any demolishing, construction and painting. Start with the ceiling before proceeding to the walls and floors. This will prevent any damage to the new fixtures.

Fourth is design and function. These two should go together so consider things as people using the bathroom, possible resale of the house and budget. Take into account the tile that you intend to use, paint colors, bathtub, water taps, shower heads, and other vanities.

Last but not least is identifying any problems so that your bathroom will function without flaws and add plenty of value to your abode. Make sure that all structural imperfections like plumbing are addressed appropriately.


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