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4 Tips For Choosing Instant Water Heater in Singapore

Instant water heaters are used in almost every household in Singapore. Imagine yourself taking a bath without warm water. The experience will likely be less than exhilarating! Do not let uninformed choices on instant water heaters ruin a supposedly relaxing time of the day! Here are 4 tips for choosing an instant water heater in Singapore. 


1) Pick a reputable instant water heater brand

A known and recognised brand would very much mean assurance for consumers. Such brands usually offer detailed information on the products and emphasise strongly on customer services. I believe all of us are not willing to invest too much time and effort when choosing a water heater but of course, we do not wish to compromise on the quality as well. Thus, look out for reputable brands which will assist you throughout the process including the after sales services.


2) Ability to conserve energy & water

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), in 2012, water heaters accounted for 20.9 percent of a household's total energy consumption. Purchasing a water heater which conserves both energy and water will allow you to save on the rising costs of electricity.

Ariston Thermo is a global expert in water heating products, selling its products in over 150 countries and trusted by millions of households. Remarkably, Ariston Thermo is the first to launch the revolutionary Constant Temperature Technology in the industry.

So what’s this Constant Temperature Technology about?

According to a survey done by Ariston, households often face inconsistent water temperature while taking a shower. Through incorporating sensors which detect the flow and temperature of water, consumers can enjoy consistent temperature and flow of water throughout their showers. This, in turn, allows you to conserve both energy and water, resulting in a lower electricity bill while playing your part in the environment at the same time!


3) Design features & appearance

A user-friendly design is essential, particularly for an instant water heater used by different age groups. Be it an elderly or a child, everyone will be able to function the water heater with minimal effort. The appearance of the water heater also plays a part since we do not wish to compromise on the bathroom's interior design. In the past, water heaters are bulky and visually unappealing. With advancement in technology comes improvements in models, now consumers can pick a water heater which complements their bathroom's design.


Here are some Water Heater designs by Ariston - simple yet classy.


 4) Safety

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to water heaters. We would not want to be exposed to danger with an appliance that is used daily. Scalding incidents are common with the huge range of water heaters around. Having a good understanding of the safety features during purchase is something that might have been neglected by most of us.

Ariston’s Constant Temperature Technology has anti-scalding 2.0 system which brings assurance to consumers. When the inlet temperature of water exceeds the preset temperature, it will warn the user through a blinking triangular icon on the water heater. This prevents potential scalding incidents.

Water heaters play a huge role in our daily lives, taking some time to pick out the right one will be essential. As such, bear in mind the 4 tips above when you go instant water heater shopping!




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