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Rediscover The Joy Of Eating Leisurely With These 8 Dining Spaces

The dining space is more than the presence of food and a collection of table and chairs. As the place where a family starts and ends their work day, the dining space is likened to the core of the nest- a space to rest, laugh and bond. Each detail contributes towards the mood and atmosphere, as the material of furniture, lighting, and fixture arrangement work in tandem to enhance the familial dynamics. Enjoy a compilation of dining rooms designed in various styles and concepts!


Starry Homestead


 Home On The Ranch

Dots ‘N Tots

Mid-century Modern Chic


Bachelor Pad In Chrome


Refined Industrialism

Imago Dei 3

Conference At The Oak Table 

Zenith Arc

Minimalism In Wood And White 


Urban Trendsetter

Areana Creation

Teatime In The 1960s

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