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Hobby Corners: Spaces In The Home To Recharge!

Hobbies are not only the means to rest and relaxation; they are also avenues to hone skills and shape character. For example, cooking develops one's patience, creativity, and meticulousness. Songwriting, on the other hand, conditions one to think and reflect deeply before penning down a great song. With such importance attributed to hobbies, spaces in which we pursue them have become our safe havens. Here are some inspiration for the revamping of your hobby corners!

  1. Fashionistas

What You Need: A Walk-In Wardrobe!


MyDesign Interiors Singapore

Have an elegant walk-in wardrobe to match your exquisite sense of style! Soft lighting creates a cozy environment, while floor to ceiling mirrors give you an accurate fashion assessment from head to toe! Clever shelving provides storage space for your bags and accessories as well!


Elegance Concept 

A walk-in wardrobe does not need to be a fixed room in your bedroom! A stand-alone wardrobe at the staircase landing is novel, granting you privacy to primp and pose! Situated next to tall windows, enjoy the beautiful scenery as you get fashion-ready for the day.


Studio S Sq

Combine a home office and a walk-in wardrobe! A black desk for work and a white one for your beauty routines.  A 2-in-1 room is space maximization at its best.


  1. Scrapbookers

What You Need: A Crafts Station!


Scrapbooking is arts and craft for adults! Have your very own crafty corner to create pretty gift cards and scrapbooks. An extendable counter lends extra table space, while a pegboard organizes tools in a colorful array before your eyes. Ample drawers stash supplies neatly as well.

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  1. Wine Appreciators

What You Need: A Bar Area!



Homies Design

Tired of noisy bars and overpriced alcohol? Create your own bar area at home for some post-dinner wine appreciation or small parties with friends! A mini fridge at the bottom keeps alcohol at the perfect temperature while an overhead shelf showcases the wine glasses as ornaments!


Lacking space in the kitchen for a full-fledged bar area? Fret not! Your bar area can be a stand-alone station as well! All you need are some shelves and a table.

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  1. Music Lovers

What You Need: A Jam Room/ Hi-fi Room!

Jam your heart out with a music room in your abode! invite friends over for a jamming session or take time to pen out a pensive melody!


For audiophiles, this hi-fi/ sound room is a dream come true. Equip the room with a comprehensive surround sound system, complete with fully-furnished walls! 

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  1. Fitness Enthusiasts

What You Need: A Gym!


For those who aim to complete a morning workout before heading to the office, a gym at home would allow you to fulfill that new year resolution of healthy living! A full-length mirror amplifies the space to present a larger interior. For yoga fans, simply grab a mat and start stretching! The mirror would show you if you've got the moves right.

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  1. Readers and Writers

What You Need: A Literary Lounge!



Elegance Concept

 For those who enjoy crafting their own short stories, a peaceful reading and writing room is your perfect recluse. With a window before you, watch the world go by.  Inspiration is all around.


MyDesign Interiors Singapore

For those who prefer snuggling up with a good read, a sofa space in the nook of the corridor is the perfect hide-out! Immerse yourself in a good book as you drift away from the mundane humdrum of life. 


Exhibit your impressive literary collection with a bookshelf that showcases your artistic palate! Embrace a dramatic look with an edge of masculinity with a red and black enclosed bookshelf that keeps dust at bay. Otherwise, adopt a minimalist look with a Scandinavian-inspired wood shelf installed on a white wall. 

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At Home And Garden and Free Space Intent


  1. Gamers and Film Buffs

What You Need: An Entertainment Den!

MyDesigns Interiors Singapore

For gaming couples, this is your interior design goal. Game late into the night and simply flop onto the bed for fitful rest after an exhausting battle!



Studio S Sq

 This private cinema doubles up as an informal conference room with its screen and projector! Lighting sets the mood for leisure and work at the flip of a switch!


Homies Design

 Transform a long corridor in your abode into a cinema! Against an elegant black background, pin your favorite movie posters up to bring some of Hollywood's glitz and glamour home! 


  1. Kids at Heart

What You Need: A Games Room!


Elegance Concept

Pull the family closer with stimulating card and board games! For afternoons that are too warm for picnics in the park, this is the perfect room for fun and games! Relax on the floor as you devise your next move to win the game!