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6 Reasons Why You Should Participate In A Renovation Open House

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A renovation open house is essentially an event for homeowners to learn about the countless things they need to know before kick-starting the home renovation without obligations. Are you about to hunt down a renovation firm to build your dream home? Here are 6 reasons why you should participate in a renovation open house.

1)   Free Door Gift

Who wouldn’t love a little gift that is practical in use? Especially for an event catering to people from all walks of life, the functionality of the gift is vital. For instance, shopping and renovation vouchers have been a hot favourite for the renovation firms. After all, what good is a gift if it fails to create buzz or excitement and put a bright smile on the recipient’s face? 

2)   Extra Discount & Free Upgrade 

What is an open house without extra discount for the homeowners? It is possible to see renovation packages undergo discount from 7%-20%, well, do a little math and you will realise it is a lot of cost savings translated for the consumers! Don’t forget the prices of most renovation packages start from at least $10,000 for the entire home! Free upgrades of materials are also frequently seen. For example, free quartz kitchen worktop, free upgrade of all cabinets internal colour PVC and free upgrade of cabinet material to Blum are some commonly seen offers proposed by the interior design firms. Note that different interior designs offer various types of offers and as homeowners, you get to choose which you prefer!

3)   Non-Obligated Free Quotation & Consultation When You Bring Your Floorplan

Just like when you’re purchasing a product, you have to get hold of the product knowledge from the professionals. Well, it is similar at the realm of renovation too. Since it’s open house, most of the professionals, be it sales/customer service/designers will be there. As such you can get all your queries answered by the different experts. Also, these professionals can advise you accordingly to your needs. The major plus is that you are not obligated to sign any of the packages if they don’t meet your expectations. Yes, it's that simple!

4)   Extra Bonus

Not only you get to enjoy benefits from the interior design firm itself. In the renovation market scene today, it is common that firms have various partnerships with other service-related companies. So, you get to enjoy even more benefits from the partner firms!


The most recent example would be Renovation Happy Hour Campaign organised by a renovation platform, where homeowners stand a high chance redeeming up to $176,000 worth of freebies, furniture and appliances + up to $24,000 cashback. Homeowners are eligible to sign up so long as they sign a renovation package with the participating renovation firms. Moreover, the participation process of the campaign is super fuss-free as it’s done through online! Through taking part in a renovation open house is a great opportunity to learn about additional campaigns that help you to save more.

5)  You Save Lots of Time & Effort

There is a tonne of research homeowners need to do before they make an informed decision. Through an open house, you get all your queries answered on the spot. You don’t have to go through the wait of replying emails/texts/calls. Isn’t it a satisfying feeling to have all your doubts solved within minutes?

6) Have Fun!

Apart from getting all the serious renovation-related business settled, you get to participate activities like lucky-draw or even games and stand a chance winning prizes home!

All in all, the idea to embark on your renovation journey is undoubted an exciting one. However, the amount of things you need to take note of and to handle is beyond your imagination. Renovation open house serves as an introduction and helps homeowners to get ready to build their dream home.


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