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20 Latest Home Designs Hot Off The Press In May 2018


20 Latest Home Designs Hot Off The Press In May 2018


What’s trending in the interior design scene this season? This time, our editor has scoured countless Facebook pages of top interior design companies in Singapore, to shortlist the very best 20 project portfolios released in the month of May*! 

Through this premium compilation of exceptional portfolios, we aim to give home owners an exclusive insight to the latest design concepts to make their research easier! With 16 completed projects and 4 3D proposals ranging from Scandinavian, to industrial, luxurious, and even cottage and café inspired styles, we challenge you to spot the overarching trends!

Read to the very end for our verdict of May’s trends! 


Yujia Interior (Published on 16 May 2018)

Dynamic Linearity:

Patterns and prints are able to paint colours and add character to a home. But did you know that linear lines are able to enliven your abode in a similar manner? By virtue of their subtlety, designs with lines are more resilient to the vagaries of trends, and do have a more timeless character. The lines stretching across the ceiling run down the TV console wall in a smooth flow, connecting aspects of the room into a unified whole.


My Reno Diary (Published on 18 May 2018)


Bring Me To The Beach

Viewing these photos, do you feel a sense of calm? Can’t quite put your finger on why this is so? It’s the strategic scheme of colours! Brown harkens to the glistening shores of the beach, teal to the rising and falling tides, and gray to the rocks that the

sea waves crash upon to create the rhythm of a beach vacation.


Design 4 Space (Published on 16 May 2018)



Talking Textures

The classic herringbone design on the TV console wall, coupled with the playful hexagonal tiles on the kitchen floor, slim narrow wood panels on the bedroom floor, and beautiful marble veins on the bathroom wall showcase a medley of textures in the abode! The effect is a refreshing change of mood and atmosphere as you step into each zone.


Starry Homestead (Published on 4 May 2018)


Coffee House Blend

Do you love café hopping because of the rich aroma of relaxation served with each cup of freshly brewed artisanal coffee? Recreate the feeling with a café-inspired home! High chairs by a bar top and booth seating by the window sill are the highlights of this abode. Moreover, a zen corner with stone flooring by a window overlooking some trees brings you closer to nature.


The Interior Place (Published on 23 May 2018)


An Evening Soiree

Nothing speaks of class and sophistication like a space dressed in neutral tones, with accents of champagne, and the sparkle of chrome and glass. Exquisite furnishing such as the refined staircase bannister, marble countertop and plush bedroom panel are focal pieces that impress, reducing the need for ornaments and extensive details in this luxurious home.


Jubilee Interior (Published on 21 May 2018)


Blueberry Shortcake

The gradient of blue infuses the home with a profound aura of peace, especially when ray of the sunset sunlight stream in through the windows. A long, cushioned bench stretching from wall to wall adds definition to the living room, while converting the TV couch into a reading corner by the window. In the bedroom, a patterned wallpaper, with weaved and wooden textures, create a sweet cottage-style décor.


The Orange Cube (Published on 2 May 2018)


International Influences Studio

In the bathroom, lively Peranakan tiles adorn the interior for a hearty dose of local flavor. Turn a corner and Japanese tatami mats greet you in the master bedroom. Influences from abroad gives the home a chic international charm. Gorgeous details such as the beautiful wood textures and cherry red cabinets with glossy surfaces amp up the excitement in the house as well.


Dots ‘n’ Tots (Published on 14 May 2018)


Pocketful of Sunshine

The presence of bright wood, yellow colour, and recessed lighting illuminate the home in a way that inspires positivity and cheer. Embedded lighting is a motif in the abode, as seen on the ceiling of the living room, kitchen cabinets and bathroom mirrors. Such lighting draws attention to the beautiful surfaces it falls upon, and also provide ambient glows in the different rooms.


Northwest Interior (Published on 23 May 2018)


Don’t Steal The Limelight

Here, the homeowner possesses many intricate ornaments in the house that narrate the family’s life story. The designer has thus chosen to cast the spotlight on these personal mementos through the scheme of monochrome. A palette of black and white is classy and timeless on its own, yet it does not detract attention from the ornaments displayed. To prevent too stark a distinction in colour, gray was chosen to soften the scheme, and to create a gradient effect that connects the two opposite tones.


Produce (Published on 15 May 2018)


Retro DIY Workshop

The interior of this home is predominantly light wood, endowing the home with a workshop quality. This is enhanced by the peg-board styled walls, long ladder, and incandescent bulbs at the workstation. Retro toys from yesteryear line the wooden shelves to showcase for a dose of nostalgia. Amidst the scheme of cream, a bathroom in elegant sea blue presents a pleasant as you turn the corner.


Unimax Creative (Published on 15 May 2018)


Modern Concepts

Impromptu visitation? Expand your dining space simply by pulling out the extension at the table! The bedroom is a stunning display, with glossy white and textured timber forming a chic texture-block effect. The horizontal rungs on the upper deck has been switched with a sleek sheet of black-tinted plastic, injecting the room with a spontaneous sense of youthful energy.


Areana Creation (Published on 11 May 2018)


Open-concept Minimalism

Notice how space flows easily from the living room to the dining space and kitchen with minimum restriction. Such a strategic open concept does wonders in relaxing a space, bringing ease to its viewers and inhabitants. Warm lighting emanating from the recessed grooves of the ceiling and kitchen cabinets presents the home with a soft glow, joining the scheme of wood and gray to infuse a lulling tranquility in the home.


Lemonfridge Studio (Published on 4 May 2018)


Meditative Zen

A fine line exists between artful simplicity and unassuming austerity. Here, a uniform palette of white and brown hues upon clean lines pays homage to the adage that ‘less is more’. The absence of ornaments and accessories direct all attention to the natural wood veining textures, pleasing silhouettes and quality carpentry in the timeless abode.


Carpenters (Published on 18 May 2018)


The Spa Cabin

A spacious master bedroom reveals an impressive spa room. The combination of the ambient LED lights and shining glass wall introduces sensuality into the resting place. The abundant surfaces of wood on the walls, flooring and furniture also alludes to the rustic. Together, the elements create a deeply calming personal space.


Millimeters Studio (Published on 22 May 2018)


The Black Pearl

Black and other hues of the night often get a bad reputation in space management because of how often pale colours are exalted for their “space-expanding” properties. This design boldly reads “narrow and small” as “cozy, chic and intimate”, and garners spectacular results. Strategic features such as mirrors, glass and metallics play a striking role in adding a glamorous sparkle, and mitigates possible claustrophobic effects of darker hues.


Juz Interior (Published on 18 May 2018)


Secret Garden

Here, the quintessential combination of wood and white receives a novel upgrade. The home owner’s love for nature is declared through a refreshing vertical garden dynamically positioned in the dining room. Meanwhile, the home is dotted with exquisite plants ranging in height, length, and density. Placed in classy back-lit display shelves, the plants in beautiful vases transform into graceful ornaments.


3D Proposals

Inspire ID Group (Published on 19 May 2018)


Making Waves

While many designs are placed at eye level to receive the maximum amount of attention, the designer here has innovatively shifted the aesthetics to the upper tiers of the room. For example, the undulating lines across the ceiling can be interpreted sea waves at the beach or swirling clouds in the sky. The alternation of recessed and projected regions on the ceiling creates an immersive environment as well.


Darwin Interior (Published on 18 May 2018)


Wheat And White Duality

It is no secret that these muji-esque tones of sand and ivory are a hit amongst home owners. While white provides therapeutic clarity, brown fills the home with sophistication and refinement. Textures once again enter the spotlight. Notice how the wood grain patterns on the door and cabinet run in different directions? The alternation of directions is also perceived on the tiles on the focal wall of the master bed room.


Starry Homestead (Published on 15 May 2018)


Cool As A Cucumber

Pastel shades of mint bring to mind the invigorating taste of spearmint, the refreshing crunch of cucumber, and the delightful sweetness of chocolate mint ice cream. This Scandinavian-themed abode hence enjoys a cool, fresh scent. The lightness of the mint renders the abode the perfect backdrop for tasteful artwork in monochrome, which personalize the home to a great extent.


Imago Dei 3 (Published on 16 May 2018) 


Warehouse Wonder

From the exposed pipework artwork on the living room wall, to the study and walk-in closet combined, to the minimalist staircase without bannisters, this home is bustling with ideas. A barn house door is situated next to a classy walk-in wardrobe in glass, while polished panels of wood are lined upon coarse, exposed walls on the TV console area. The heady juxtaposition of elements grants the home great panache.


Our Verdict?

“Shades of Nature - Blue Hues and Timber Surfaces”

Overall, a spectrum of blue hues and wood seem to be popular choices in May. It is interesting to note that both these elements point towards nature- the sea, skies and trees. Perhaps their intrinsic link with the organic possesses healing properties that lends a sense of calm and security, making them big winners this season. Meanwhile, an assortment of textures is preferred to louder colours and accessorizing. As compared to the latter, textures are subtler and timeless, and hence more resistant to the winds of trends. Meanwhile, lighter palettes, in comparison with their darker counterparts, are preferred by a majority of home owners.


*While these projects may not have handover or completion dates in May, they have been posted to their respective companies’ Facebook in May. 

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