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HomeSavv is a platform that aims to give savvy home lovers with qualified options, greater convenience and savings on renovation, home services & furniture. 

Our mission is to disrupt the home remodelling market in Singapore and South East Asia by being more transparent, reliable and integrated. We help you do that because we believe that everyone deserves better living spaces.

We care deeply for our user and we are always looking ahead to make this a better platform to connect more homeowners with more reliable home remodelling professionals. If you have any feedbacks, please write to us at 

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Here at we know the pains of our consumers when they face unreliable contractors, hence we set up this platform to provide transparency and convenience for busy homeowners to locate the right contractor in 2 mins. We have testimonial columns to pen your views on each individual Interior Design company. Leave them a good comment if they have done a good job for you. If it is otherwise, we would like to know too!


When you engage Interior Design services from, all members are entitled to a $350 discount off your total package immediately. Absolutely NO Questions Asked. *Do note that discount may not be applicable if the ID firm is running their in house promotions.*



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Browse thru’ all Interior Design portfolios with ease and save images along the way as you do your research. All saved images will appear in members’ page. Easy request of quotations from our reputable interior design firms – you decide how many quotes you would like to receive. Alternatively, if you come across any companies that matches your requirements/styles, you can also send them an enquiry directly.


All participating Interior Design firms gives you absolute confidence that only quality work will be carried out at no extra hidden cost. We know how you would be disappointed and upset if you choose to work with unreliable contractors. If you have any queries, worries or currently facing any issues, don’t worry, our experts will be able to offer you the right solution with the right advice.

We hope everyone enjoys the greatest user experience while browsing to find all home related needs.


How it worked:

  • With 1 Submission, you'll get up to 3-5 quotations to compare and you can make the best out of your renovation budget. It's FREE & Non-Obligated! Making it EASY for YOU!
  • In our system, we will match you with the company that can fit your requirements, budget and filter out those renovator that dosent fit your criterior. Time Saving is key!
  • You can arrange a meet up with your preferred renovator and discussed further. Total control on your end!


homeservices Home Services


Be in control of your home maintainence issue, fix it immediately via HomeSavv’s personally handpicked providers ranging from home cleaning, plumbers, aircon servicing, electrician, movers and pest control.

  1. Fill in simple job requirements in less than 3 mins.
  2. Up to 3 reputable home services provider will contact you.  


Furniture – coming soon

Watch this space.



HomeSavv Stories


Geraldine Yoong and Kai Teing founded with a firm believe that everyone deserves better living spaces. Our definition of better living spaces can simply refer to cleaning the house or hanging a wall painting to brighten up your day without costing a fortune. 

We found out that there are minority of Singaporeans that live in poor conditions infested with bed bugs, dusty environment, dim lighting, thin mattress, poor storage, bad space planning layout when we went for charity drive. It aches our heart to see such scene in established country like Singapore. That is why we set up HomeSavv to connect all home lovers together to bring you ultimate convenience to engage the right home services and products providers for your home.

With every genuine quotation submitted, we will donate SGD$0.10 to our community outreach program #ProjectHope. These funds will be donated to help more needy families to improve their basic living space. You can visit more information on our community outreach page.


We look forward to serving you and if you have any feedbacks and suggestions, please email us at or call us at 6515 9300.


Cheers to better living spaces. :)