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3D Interior Design

The 3-D technology has bolstered home interior design. 3-D enables homeowners to practically walk through the entire house before giving approval to design specs. This approach is a quick virtual and effective mode of involving the owner of the house in the project process and giving them multiple choices. 3-D software seems to be the best alternative since designs progress fast in real time. Besides, the conventional 2-D format can get more complicated when it comes to looking at room floor plans. That is why using 3-D is highly recommended and given a better rating.


Is 3D Interior Design Free?

This depends on the interior design company’s policies. Some are willing to provide free 3D drawing services for homeowner visualization and reference. Some company charges design fee and provide 3D drawings. Actually, there are free 3-D programs that you can download from the worldwide web but it takes a savvy computer specialist to use this properly. We highly recommend a 3D specialist to generate 3D design for your dream home as a good blueprint design is the foundation to a successful renovation journey.


If I sign a contract with the interior designer now, will they provide me with 3D proposal?

Yes, they should provide you with 3D rendering for your approval if you signed the contract with them. Once an agreement has been made, they will proceed with the actual architectural modeling tasks and construction work.


The most impressive 3-D design can be very useful to architects. However, fantastic designs are not computer-generated. These are produced by design pros spending plenty of time designing, evaluating and enhancing details. will highly encourage homeowner to make use of 3-D rendering that interior design firm provide and give feedback and/or approval before the real on-site execution. Give us a ring today for a free estimate.

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